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KUALA LUMPUR: Axiata Group Bhd and Digi.com Bhd have mutually agreed to extend the long stop date of their share purchase agreement (SPA) for the proposed merger of Celcom Axiata Bhd and Digi.

The new date is on Dec 31, 2022, from June 21, 2022, or another date mutually agreed in writing between the two parties.

"Save and except for the extension of the long stop date, all other terms and conditions of the SPA remain unchanged,” both Axiata and Digi said in their respective filings with Bursa Malaysia today.

According to Digi’s filing on June 21, 2021, under the SPA signed between Axiata and Digi on the same date, the condition precedents in the SPA were to be satisfied within 12 months from the date of the SPA was signed, or such other date as mutually agreed in writing between Digi and Axiata (long stop date). - Bernama

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